Mar 062005
Authors: Laura Epple

Vital Stats:

Full name: Msur Tor-Agbidye

Height: 6'3"


Position: Center/Forward

Fun/Random Fact: Possesses the most mispronounced name on the roster, hands down.

Chappal Waddi is the tallest landform located in Nigeria, with an elevation of 6700 feet. It is bordered by the Gulf of Guinea and is located between Benin and Cameroon in West Central Africa.

Senior center and forward Msur Tor-Agbidye is the tallest figure on the CSU women's basketball team, with an elevation of 6-feet-3-inches. As was evidenced Saturday during the senior game against Air Force, she has no borders.

Princess Tor-Agbidye, known more commonly by teammates and the Fort Collins population as Msur, moved to the United States from Nigeria when she was 3. Her grandfather is the chief of the tribe, which gives Msur royalty status.

She definitely showed her ability to govern on the basketball court against Air Force in her last game as a Ram.

"It's good for Msur on senior day to get a win and go out like she did," said coach Chris Denker. "Throw in five blocks and three steals-not a bad day."

Msur posted career highs in field goals made, offensive rebounds, total rebounds, total points, blocks and steals. Of this commanding performance, fellow teammate and guard Sarah Hunter said: "Msur goes to practice every day and works hard. Some games her minutes are limited but she always gives us the energy and effort that any team would want. So for her to go out like this – she deserves it."

Tor-Agbidye describes herself as a fun and energetic player, filling the niche as the "garbage player" in the paint who picks up blocks, takes elbows and cleans up under the hoop. She said that blocks and rebounds get her more pumped up than making shots, and she attributes her ritualistic pre-game tooth brushing sessions as good luck.

"I didn't do it against Wyoming, and look what happened," Tor-Agbidye said of the 68-45 loss on Feb. 24.

Someone get her some Crest before the Mountain West Conference Tournament, if that is what fuels performances like the last one.

For pre-game sustenance, Tor-Agbidye eats rice and chicken and likes listening to music by 50 Cent, especially "Disco Inferno." Her favorite movies are "Love and Basketball" (naturally) and "The Notebook," and she enjoys reading Cosmo regularly for the shock-value humor. When it comes to real literature, she loves "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker.

When she is not wearing the green and gold on the court, Msur prefers casual style.

"Females are supposed to be kind of shoe people but that's not me. I'm more of a jeans person even though I have long legs and my jeans are expensive," she said.

Tor-Agbidye is a little more expressive when it comes to body art, however. She has her nose, ears and bellybutton pierced and would like to get a tattoo of the three monkeys-seek no, hear no and speak no evil-a traditional symbol in Japanese culture.

Academically, Tor-Agbidye is an apparel and merchandizing major and has specifically enjoyed her textiles classes. She looks forward to graduating a semester early and is actually turning down a season of eligibility to play basketball.

"I have 18 credits left altogether so I just want to be done by December and move on. Basketball is not all there is to life," she said.

Where will this life post-basketball lead? Tor-Agbidye said that if she could have any super power, it would be the ability to go anywhere with the snap of a finger. She would like to go back to Nigeria some day or explore the tropics, such as Fiji or Jamaica.

"I want to do something overseas and I'm thinking about going back to Nigeria and either continuing to do something in the athletic world or continue with my career in apparel design and merchandizing," said Msur.

Given these aspirations, it is clear that Tor-Agbidye will continue to live her life elevated and without borders.

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