Mar 062005

Mike Clein is the greatest ping-pong player on earth.

Hey crazy girl in POCC 232, I am proud to be an American. Are you proud to be an American?

Rollerblades are like those mini skis … they look ridiculous and are completely unnecessary. Rollerbladers, get a skateboard, and mini skiers, get a pair of real skis or a snowboard!

Now I can finally say, "Hey Rona, remember that time I was in RamTalk?" It's all good, we can just call him Ban Ban.

I just wanted to thank Meg Burd for her piece on feminism. And also point out that right next to this piece in the RamTalk section were a few examples of the continuing sexism we face – two examples of the women of this campus being called girls. We are not in elementary school. We are in college. We are women. Refer to us as such. And an example of continued objectification: "Women it's OK to let those spring skirts fly!" A woman's skirt is not for you. It's for her. So keep your opinion about it to yourself!

Honestly, I'm a dude, and I want to have J.J. Redick's baby. He is a bad man.

Does anyone ELSE have a roommate that is conniving enough and from the bottom-most layer of the scum of the universe to hook up with your boyfriend while you're off skiing with your parents?

Have you ever noticed how people in political cartoons wear cloths with their names or whatever group they represent on their clothes? I should start doing that. I could get a coat that says "poor college student" in big white letters down the sleeve, just to make sure everyone knows.

What? Beaver Creek is a ski resort? This sucks.

If they call it the International House of Pancakes, how come I can't eat the walls?

What's facebook?

Frances The Mute costs $10 but it is worth $100. Most CDs cost $16 but are worth $0.

I think one of the funniest things is to see a person wearing one of those yellow "Livestrong" bracelets around the wrist that's connected to the same hand that's holding the cigarette they are smoking.

I was eating dinner with my friends Thursday night in the LSC. There was a really sexy guy with curly brown hair, a hemp necklace and a green shirt. He was reading a book. That's hot.

Wait! You mean everyone doesn't wear lace bloomers?!

Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. — Benjamin Franklin

I ride the bus from the Cambridge House stop and I'm proud! If it's a choice between walking and a wearing a ponytail or 10 extra minutes to actually do my hair and ride the bus, I'll take the bus. Besides, YOU try walking to the student center from there in 4-inch spike heels!

To the hippie skateboarder that ran into a parked car at Braiden Hall on Monday morning: That was my black Toyota Celica, and I saw you run into it … Work on your cornering skills dude…

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