Mar 032005

All of you girls who claim to have the best boyfriends in the world are under a mistaken impression because you have nothing to compare them to since they are the first one's you've ever had.

To you Cambridge House bus stop users: If you can practically see your destination from the bus stop you are standing at it is probably safe to assume the distance is traversable by foot.

It warm. It's sunny. It's windy. Women, it's OK to let those spring skirts fly!!!

To the girls doing the book-dropping sociology experiments on the Plaza: Have you seriously weighed all the consequences? What if you break someone's foot? Are you insured?

If the ladies of Panda Express think I am cute do I get a little extra something something? Maybe another half scoop… of Orange Chicken? Of love?

What is it with people who spit their gum/chew on the sidewalk, leave the bathroom without flushing the toilet or washing their hands, and throw their cigarettes out their car window? You people are what's wrong with the human race.

It seems that Captain Hook has finally found his First Mate…

I am feeling real depressed because my Giga Pet just died.

To the individuals who continue to bash the Greek system, thank you. You just give us more motivation to be better than you.

This is in regards to JP Echmiller's article on Wednesday: While I too agree that Wal-Mart is capitalism on gone crazy, "amuck" is actually spelled "amok." Sincerely, one geeky grammarian who would appreciate it if her college newspaper knew how to spell.

Pedestrians – how about you LOOK before crossing the street and walking into a bike lane? More than once someone (usually on their cell) just steps off the curb with NO indication of doing so, right in front of me or other bicycles. You learned it in preschool – LOOK BOTH WAYS. "Right of way" does not mean "right to be a moron."


I'd like to give a shout out to ASCE, keeping it real with CTG and the gang. Peace out.

My friends asked me if I wanted a frozen banana, I said "no," but I wanted a regular banana later, so "yes."

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