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Authors: Andrew Woerpel

The most foreign sport to Rams fans was explained in detail to those in attendance at Water Polo 101.

Water Polo 101 was an informative workshop held on Wednesday at Moby Pool. Those in attendance were curious fans and students alike. The purpose of Water Polo 101 was to shed light on how the game is played, and how CSU's team goes about practicing and prepping for games.

"This is something new to CSU, and I want to give my support to it," said Justin Vallely, a senior mechanical engineering major.

While the team's players went through their warm-ups, as they would before any game, head coach John Mattos discussed strategies the team uses and also some basic foul calls that would happen during a live game.

"It's not a real hard sport to understand but if they don't know anything at all about it when they come out to watch, they are going to wonder, 'Why does this happen and why does that happen?" Mattos said.

Other in attendance found the workshop useful.

"I thought it was very informative and very good," said Emily Griffiths, a junior visiting from England.

Mattos said the purpose of the gathering was to inform people in a more enlightening way.

"The turnout was better than I thought," Mattos said. "I was real pleased about that. I think there are a lot of eager people out there to see what our sport is all about."

The players believes Water Polo 101 is a step in the right direction for them, mainly because it gave fans a chance to see what the team can do and what it has to offer.

"I plan on attending the game March 12 and I'll definitely follow their record when they aren't at home," Vallely said.

Players thought the night was a success.

"We just wanted to make sure everyone knew we are serious because we don't get a lot of respect, because a lot of people in the community didn't want us here; they didn't want this sport," said junior captain Marisa Fernandez.

The Rams' first game will take place at 1 p.m. March 12 against Penn State-Behrend at Moby Pool. It will be their only home game as of now.

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