To the editor:

Mar 022005

Seeing as CSU has a large population of students interested in animal-related issues, I am disappointed not to have seen any articles in the Collegian regarding the aerial shooting of wolves in Alaska. Governor Murkowski has enacted legislation that allows individuals to obtain licenses to chase and shoot wolves from aircraft. This legislation is justified by the claim that wolves have significantly declined moose populations in the state.

Whether or not this is true, I would ask any readers of this letter to consider whether they believe man is more fit to control the population balance than nature, and whether man has any business hunting a natural predator. Alaska is one of only two states in the union that has always been a home to wolves in the wild.

Please write an article or column on this issue so that students can judge for themselves whether these happenings in Alaska should continue.

Donna Neer

English/Zoology major

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