Mar 022005

No, not Birdman the basketball player, Birdman the rapper.

I gots to get me some Kool-Aid.

I'm so sick of people looking at me funny because I go into the gay and lesbian room.

I was named MVP of the intramural inner tube water polo competitive championship, and I didn't even make the front page. What is that?

Did you hear the one about the bar that walked into the man? Oh no, wait a minute, sorry, wrong frame of reference.

Just because you're surrounded by metal, steal and rubber doesn't give you any right to be a jerk.

Anatomy & Physiology is the devil. That's all I have to say about that.

Why would anyone join a fraternity now that they are dry? Why would people pay money to hang out with a bunch of dudes? Go out and make your own friends instead of just buying some.

Does anyone else think that Duncan Ramsay is by far the best photographer this paper has ever had? Instead of taking pictures of squirrels or boring classrooms, he's artistic/creative/and journalistically sound. Give him a raise! Give him the spotlight! HIP HIP HOORAY FOR RAMSAY!

Best quote ever, a guy from Pizza Casbah: "I poked a hole in your meatball slice."

I would just like to plug the show "Arrested Development"; it's on Fox every Sunday night. It is one of the most hilarious shows on TV and it doesn't seem like too many people have discovered it yet.

This girl I know steals her neighbor's Denver Post every Sunday and leaves them a dollar. Who does that?

What kind of car? Hell, I don't know, a penguin car!

Hotness of CSU boys: 4/10.

Hotness of CSU boys when they look a girl in the eyes and not the chest: immeasurable.

To the person who said girls are 10/10 when they smile: you're awesome! I made that saying into a poster for my room to remind me to show those pearly whites. Thanks for the tip!

–Hot CSU Girl

A priest, a rabbi and a miscellaneous third party walk into a bar . . . what the hell happens next? But seriously, you should pay attention – class has started.

Roses are red, and violets are violet dammit.

My roommate is the panty jacker (pj) of Allison Hall. He was caught last night at 4 a.m. I'm glad to see that the judicial system has brought justice to the situation.

Arnold, if we buy 200 pounds of meat, and you don't pitch for it, you can't have any.

Hava what? Hava freakin' US! – It's a cool-person thing…you wouldn't understand.

Why do cops here think it's OK to turn their lights on just to get through a red light or a stop sign? They should wait just the like rest of us who can't just flip a switch to change the light!

Every girl driving a black Jetta is so hot.

That party (on) Eagle Drive last weekend was so awesome!

What's with the collar flippers? Why don't they just put on a turtleneck and pop in a Streisand album?

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