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Mar 022005
Authors: Collegian Edittorial Staff

CSU has a history of bringing in well-known members of the political and social world. Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright has visited, as well as former Attorney General Janet Reno.

Holocaust Awareness Week is no exception. CSU brought in another influential speaker. Eva Korr, who survived the Holocaust imprisoned in the Auschwitz death camp, where her and her twin sister were subjected to numerous experiments, was the capstone speaker of this week and also spoke at the Women at Noon series.

Kor is the founder of the Holocaust Museum in Indiana. She also founded CANDLES, or Children of the Auschwitz Nazi Lab Experiment Survivors, an organization devoted to locating and reuniting survivors of the experiments conducted at Auschwitz.

CSU also hosted a former president and chief operating officer of Coca-Cola, Brian Dyson, to speak to the school of business about his experiences running the well-known company.

Events such as these provide the opportunity for campus and community members to expose themselves to a variety of viewpoints and opinions, as well as the stories and experience learned from people in various positions in our government and businesses. Rarely is it possible to see and interact with these public figures.

It's a special opportunity for students to expand their horizons through the variety of guests. The university deserves credit for making a priority of bringing in speakers to speak and enlighten the community as a whole.

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