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Authors: Amy Hochevar

The combination of wine tasting and throwing darts at a coffee shop are now reality.

Monet's Morning Coffee, 706 S. College #103, is open until 2 a.m., depending on the night, and offers a wide variety of activities for its patrons.

Whether people want to listen to music, play darts or even enjoy the occasional alcoholic drink, Monet's offers the public a place to go to get away from everyday life.

Phil Tompkins, the manager at Monet's, said Monet's is a great place to study and hang out with friends.

"It is quiet by day and loud at night," he said.

Monet's owner, Jeannine Wolfe, a former heath inspector for Larimer County, decided to open up a coffee shop and thought a location across campus would serve well.

Salem Evans, a junior English literature major, has heard of the coffee shop but has not yet been there.

"I was thinking when I heard of the shop," she said. "A coffee shop that sells liquor, that's a really good idea."

Monet's offers a punch-card system where one can request a card, at no extra charge, and after eight purchases a free pastry is given. The shop also has a filing system near the cash register that allows customers to leave their cards under the appropriate name so they won't lose it when they want to come back.

"We are very personable to our customers," Wolfe said. "We know most of them by name."

Monet's offers something to do every night of the week. The shop is open to anyone who wants to come in to show off his or her talents. Registering ahead of time is not required but is recommended.

Almost every night of the week, Monet's hosts live music by local bands. Other nights, Monet's features wine tasting, darts, karaoke and chess tournaments. Monet's also offers open-mic night for anyone who would like to come.

Andrea Hunt, a Monet's employee, said the shop has a lot to offer the public.

"We highly support local music," Hunt said.

Monet's includes the talents of Nick Logan, a one-man band, at least once a week. It hosts many other upcoming events such as live music from the following artists: Brian Collins, Blues is Blood and Wasabi.

Hunt believes one of the main things that separates Monet's from other coffee shops is in fact it offers different types of alcoholic beverages.

"You can taste wine at any time," Hunt said. "We also have specific wine-tasting nights."

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