Mar 012005
Authors: Andrew Woerpel

Water polo is here!

But for those who don't know what water polo is beyond the late-night NBC reruns during the summer Olympics, the CSU water polo team is teaching a class.

The CSU women's water polo team and the Department of Athletics will hold an open house called "Water Polo 101" with the goal of explaining the game to fans.

The open house will take place from 4 to 6 p.m. today at Moby Pool, in Moby Arena. There will be snacks and beverages provided to anyone who wishes to attend. The team is also planning on holding a short clinic in which the players will teach the crowd the rules of water polo.

Those in attendance will be able to see a game in live action and also will be able to meet the athletes, as well as head coach John Mattos and assistant coaches of CSU's newest varsity sport.

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