To The Editor:

Mar 012005

I am writing in response to the martyrdom we have given Samantha Spady. While it is good to reflect on her life, I do not believe that she deserves the recognition that has been given to her.

The SAM Spady Foundation, even with its good intentions to prevent alcohol abuse, is making a martyr out Spady when she does not deserve to be. The Sigma Pi fraternity in Jacksonville, Fla., is hosting a week named after her, and I believe that this is taking things too far. It is good to promote alcohol awareness, but not by creating a week named after someone who died of alcohol poisoning. I mean, why don't we recognize other Colorado students who have died because of poor decisions, like Bennett Bertoli or Lynn Bailey, who also died of alcohol poisoning? Why do we neglect the deaths of these students and raise Spady on a pedestal?

I am not trying to be insensitive. I understand that it is a tragedy, and I mourn the loss of a human being who had a future ahead of her. Spady was a good person and she did positively affect the lives of people around her. But what I do not understand is why we celebrate someone who is a perfect example of what we are trying to prevent? We need to focus instead on what went wrong with Spady's decisions and prevent the same thing from happening with other students.

-Aaron Pride

Freshman, Microbiology Major

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