New Collegian editor chosen

Mar 012005
Authors: Jake Blumberg

A new leader has been chosen to run The Rocky Mountain Collegian in 2005-2006.

Joanna Larez, a junior technical journalism major, will take over the helm of the campus paper in the summer, replacing the outgoing editor in chief, senior technical journalism major Kyle Endres.

Larez was selected to fill the position through student evaluations and an interview by the Board of Student Communications. Chyrise Harris, president of the board and a junior technical journalism major, feels the board made the right choice with Larez.

"It was a tough decision. All the candidates stood out with their applications and interviews," Harris said. "The decision came down to experience. The person who was selected was chosen because of her experience and interaction with the staff, along with the staff's reaction to her."

Larez's past experience includes an internship with The Greely Tribune in 2004, along with experience as a campus and entertainment reporter in the spring and fall of 2004, respectively, at the Collegian. She is now the campus editor for the Collegian and will take over as editor in chief in May.

"I hope to make the paper more community-oriented, more student-oriented. I want students to hear their voice more in the paper, with programs like RamTalk being taken a step further," Larez said. "I plan to institute a program that allows students to nominate other students for profiles in the paper, because I believe people like to read about other people. I also plan to improve the diversity of the paper, including the diversity of our newsroom and the diversity of our coverage. I feel that diversity is not just the color of one's skin or sex, but the makeup of the individual, too."

Endres believes that Larez was the right choice for the position.

"The board made a really good choice; Joanna is going to do a great job," Endries said. "She has lots of news experience, at the Collegian and outside of it, and she is really good at working with people. She is a good leader, and I think she will do a good job focusing the paper on the reader, and making it more interactive for the reader."

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