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Feb 272005
Authors: Amanda Havekost

The Hammer Throw: A throwing event where a heavy steel ball attached to a wire rope with a handle on the end is thrown for distance. The athlete spins the hammer repeatedly around his or her head while staying stationary, and then rotates with the movement of the hammer and releases it at the front of the throwing circle. The women throw 20 pounds and the men throw 35 pounds.

Senior Loree Smith, a record-breaking thrower, describes the event as, "A heavy metal ball with a handle that is spun around and thrown."

The men's hammer throw has been in the Olympic Games since 1900, and women first competed in the hammer throw at the 2000 Olympics.

Current Hammer Throw World Records

Men: 1986 Yuri Sedykh 86.74 m

Women: 1999 Mihaela Melinte 76.07 m

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