Feb 272005
Authors: Nathaniel Ramos

After playing three games in two days, the Rams tennis team returned to CSU with a 4-2 record.

To start off the weekend, the Rams faced No. 33 Wisconsin in front of a home crowd at Miramont Sports Center Saturday.

"We wanted to win, especially in front of friends, family and boosters," said senior team captain Dasha Zhurin.

Wisconsin began its second game in two days by taking an early lead after sweeping the Rams in doubles competition.

In singles competition, the Rams attempted to come back and make up their one-point difference. But the Rams were unable to get any points from Wisconsin and lost sets 7-0.

The only Ram to challenge Wisconsin into a third set was freshman Anne Anderson, who began with an early lead but had Wisconsin's Lindsay Martin come back.

"They were a really good team. They were really solid all they way through and they were ranked high. They were just a good solid team," said junior Jessica Jones. "We are all really good fighters and aggressive baseliners, but Wisconsin is a little more aggressive and they put the ball away."

But after losing, going out and playing another game was not necessarily the first thing some Rams had in mind.

"It's going to be hard driving down Colorado Springs after tonight, but we're going to have to give it to all we've got," Jones said before the game.

CSU then traveled to CU-Colorado Springs and CSU-Pueblo with an overall record of 2-2.

The Rams began Sunday by facing CU-Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy. The Mountain Lions, who are winless this season, began their play with a loss and never recovered.

CSU began with wins from sophomore Emily Kirchem and Zhurin, who defeated Lauren Daniels and Natascha Vandermolen of UCCS 8-0. The Rams then went on to sweep the doubles matches. Their momentum continued into singles competition as the Rams UCCS 7-0.

The Rams' successful play continued against CSU-Pueblo. CSU was led again by Kirchem and Zhurin, who defeated Cyndi Nagy and Kinvi Vaughan of CSU-Pueblo 8-0.

The rest of the team then followed by posting consecutive victories in doubles all the way through singles action. CSU went on to win 7-0, improving its record to 4-2.

"We struggled against Wisconsin (on Saturday) and could have played much better," said head coach Jon Messick to csurams.com. "The two matches on Sunday were good for us. We tried to improve something in everyone's game and I think we were pretty successful in doing that. We got a lot out of the matches."

The Rams next game is March 14 when they will face Wisconsin-Green Bay in Las Vegas.

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