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Feb 272005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The life of a college student does not just revolve around partying and having fun.

Many students have jobs and extracurricular activities added to the everyday stresses of homework and classes. Some even find time to give back to the community.

Undergraduate students in the physics department take physics exhibits around Colorado and surrounding states in a program called "Little Shop of Physics." Once a year they hold an open house at CSU to showcase all of their exhibits.

This year's open house had about 100 volunteers who hosted about 5,000 guests. The inaugural open house hosted about 200 guests. The amount of growth in the past 14 years has affected many lives.

The fact that CSU gives back to the community in a way that fosters education and love of learning in younger students reflects well on the university. Instilling a love of science in children at a young age has the potential to better our society as a whole by encouraging kids to further their education after high school. They get the chance to see that college involves fun projects, too.

This program is also a good opportunity for students who would like to work in education. Working with youths gives students valuable, practical experience. Even if people do not have an interest in becoming teachers, they can volunteer to spend time with children who are eager to learn and play with the science projects.

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