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Feb 242005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

It's the final men's home basketball game of the year.

Let's go out in style.

In order for the Rams to beat the Wyoming Cowboys Saturday night, they need a large, noisy crowd to make Moby Arena a wild atmosphere. We need to come out in full force – students, faculty and community members.

And to add to that atmosphere, the Collegian has printed a full page of the paper to be held up during the game that states "BEAT WYO."

Show your support for our team and the university by sending those Cowboy hicks back home with their tales between their legs.

Fans should come to the game and use the signs at will: during Wyoming free throws, when the game is ticking down and the score is close, or just when a Wyoming fan is being obnoxious (which they often are).

This game is purely going to be played for pride. CSU will likely be the last-place seed in the Mountain West Conference Tournament, regardless of this game's outcome. But that's OK, because after the Rams beat the Cowboys, and then beat New Mexico next week, they'll be on a roll heading into the conference tournament.

Two years ago they had a low seed and ended up going to the NCAA Tournament.

Bring on the Cowpokes.

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