Feb 242005
Authors: Paul Baker, Scott Bondy

Topic 1: Barry Bonds could quite possibly be the biggest jerk in professional sports. After his brilliant press conference the other day, he displayed why he gets a bad rap with the press and why the man who claims others are ignorant is so ignorant himself. What should we think of the guy after all these years of painful press conferences and interviews?

Baker: Even though I didn't like him before, I no longer respect him. His arrogance and the way he presents himself showed what a jerk he really is. Bondy: I don't understand how this guy turns everything into a racial issue. Every time, he claims he is being persecuted because he is a black man. All it does is discredit everything he has to say.

Baker: It's pathetic how he bashed on Jose Canseco for not having all the records that he does. Canseco never said that he knew Bonds was doing steroids. All Canseco ever said was that if he had to guess, he would say Bonds is.

Bondy: Bonds' voice sounded a little high-pitched. I'm pretty sure that's a sign of steroids.

Topic 2: NFL trades are heating up. Randy Moss has signed with the Raiders and Drew Bledsoe is reuniting with Bill Parcells in big D. Which team will benefit more from the acquisition of a new star, the Raiders or the Cowboys?

Bondy: Obviously the Cowboys. He may be the missing piece for that team and take them deep into the playoffs.

Baker: The Cowboys dynasty ended with Emmitt Smith. The Raiders will have two go-to receivers in Moss and Jerry Porter.

Bondy: The Raiders have a garbage quarterback, a miserable defense and a coach who should be an assistant. The Cowboys have a good defense, two top receivers in Keyshawn Johnson and Jason Witten, and now a quarterback with one of the best arms in the league.

Baker: The Cowboys will be in one of the tougher divisions in the NFC next year. The AFC West is a "spotty" conference and anything can happen. Moss brings an attitude and swagger that not many can match.

Topic 3: Question and Answer

Bondy: Is 2005 the year of the Rockies?

Baker: Um. No. The Rockies will never have a year. They don't even try anymore.

Baker: Utah's Andrew Bogut will be a finalist for the Wooden Award. Is he deserving?

Bondy: Yeah. Although he's not as flashy as guys like J.J. Reddick, he is a walking double-double.

Bondy: Which was a worse trade, the Lakers dealing Shaq or the Kings trading Chris Webber?

Baker: The Lakers had to trade Shaq, but what were the Kings thinking? They should've found a way to afford Webber, because they won't win without him.

Topic 4: The basketball Border War will kick things off Saturday night with the 202nd meeting between CSU and Wyoming. The previous game this season was won in Laramie by Wyoming, but this time the Rams will play host. Can CSU win its final home game of the year?

Baker: If seniors Matt Nelson and Matt Williams have big games, the Rams can win at Moby Arena. But they'll need fan support.

Bondy: I think the backcourt of the Morris brothers will have to control the game and limit Jay Straight's explosiveness.

Baker: Last game the Rams showed they could dominate the Cowboys, but they need to play 40 minutes to take the win. The last two games, CSU has shown it can play a full game.

Bondy: CSU is a very capable team. Since they won't ditch the zone, they'll have to really step it up. The Rams' big men will also be key to a win since Wyoming is such a good rebounding team.

Closing Statements and Words to the Wise:

Baker: Don't forget to bring the newspaper to the game.

Bondy: It's the last home game of the season so everyone should go.

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