Feb 242005
Authors: Joanna Thomas

After a month of programs and activities recognizing Black History Month, Black Student Services wrapped up activities Thursday in the Lory Student Center Sunken Lounge.

The ending event, entitled "Celebrating CSU's Black Faculty and Staff," was followed by a closing reception in the Art Lounge.

Jennifer Williams Molock, director of Black Student Services, addressed the audience and introduced some of the black staff that contributes to CSU. About 15 of CSU's black faculty, ranging from professors to Campus Recreation workers, attended the reception. About 40 people, in all, were present at the event.

Sherry Duffy has worked at Native American Student Services for about two and a half years and was one of the faculty members introduced. Duffy said she feels it is important for CSU's black faculty to be recognized.

"Students have to feel like they're being supported by their own and then they won't feel so isolated," Duffy said.

Danielle Jacobson, a junior political science major, is a member of the Black Definition student organization and attended many of the events throughout the month. She said it is important for CSU students to recognize black faculty.

"They are role models for the black community and help students of all races to recognize that they are another foundation of the future," Jacobson said.

Molock also summarized the events of the month and thanked the campus, community, and organizations for their collaboration and support.

"I appreciate and thank you for a month of celebration," Molock said.

She estimated that well more than 1,600 people attended the programs throughout the month.

Programs included the "William the Slave" presentation, "The Chicano and Civil Rights Movements," "Media Coverage of the Civil Right Movement," "Sickle Cell Anemia," and Black Student Services collaborated with other advocacy offices, groups and organizations to get them running.

"We had a month that was very eventful, but it is by no means the end of celebrating Black history" Molock said.

She extended a special thanks to Will Wooten, president of Black Definition, and Tony Daniels, assistant director of Black Student Services.

She presented Wooten with a certificate recognizing his hard work organizing events and programs for the month. She recognized Daniels, who will be leaving CSU on March 1, by presenting him with a glass statue of a hand holding a world. She said the figure represented the way Daniels reached his hand out to the different departments on campus and around the Fort Collins community.

Daniels is relocating to be closer to his wife, who has been deployed to Europe with the military.

"You will always be a part of the Colorado State family," Molock said.

Daniels said he will miss CSU and the spirit of difference and success he encountered while he was here.

"There was a great spirit of collaboration among departments, faculty and students across campus," Daniels said.

He said he was very impressed by the huge success of Black History Month because so many different people contributed. He said it was not just Black Student Services going to groups and asking for help; it was a variety of groups coming to Black Student Services and collaborating.

"The group and individual serves as a resource for CSU's motto 'Knowledge to Go Places,' and different perspectives can add a lot to that," he said.

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