To the editor:

Feb 232005

"I'll sing you a song of college days… Aggies' where the knowledge is, Boulder…spends your dough."

We may no longer be the A&M Aggies, but this is a familiar phrase to most Rams. We often observe most of Colorado's undivided attention focused on our in-state rivals. The editorial "Rising Tuition Costs Blunt CU's Appeal" is no exception.

A claim was made that the University of Colorado's recent, "image problems," combined with the rising cost of tuition, is driving potential out-of-state students away from


According to the Denver Post, the large tuition, when compared to schools such as University of California-Berkley, University of Virginia and University of Michigan, seems tangible in comparison to those of these elite public universities.

What really surprised me was the absence of one of the nation's leading universities right in the state's backyard: CSU. While often cast as the ugly step child of Colorado upper education, CSU has just as much to offer students at a fraction of the price. While CU's out-of-state tuition has reached $20,500, CSU's tuition remains below $15,000. A cost similar or below numerous other land grant universities across the country like Iowa State and Penn State.

One thing I can agree with is without TABOR reform, Colorado's tuition woes will continue. It does raise another issue; perhaps out-of-state students should no longer bear the brunt weight of ever increasing tuition rates.

"But send them to ole Aggies, tis better than Cornell. But rather than in Boulder I would see my boy in hell!"

Jack Carroll

CSU Alumni

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