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Feb 232005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

When learning to drive, no one needs any more distractions than the "backseat driver" parent.

A bill will be introduced to the Colorado Senate today that would make it illegal for drivers with instructional permits to use a cell phone while driving. This bill makes perfect sense and is a long-time coming.

Learning to drive is an in-depth process – one that takes concentration, practice and responsibility. It does not take calling a lifeline.

Let's face it. When we turned 16 we were not the drivers we are today. Driving ability grows with driving time. As you gain experience driving, it is only natural to add distractions, but until you have enough experience it is essential to learn the basics before upgrading.

Most people know that driving with one hand held up to your ear isn't the best idea. Your concentration is lacking, your reaction time is slow and you only have one hand on the wheel in an emergency. However, while cell phones may cause accidents at any age, it is important to learn the skills to drive responsibly before talking and driving one-handed at the same time.

Student drivers need to keep their hands on the wheel at 10 and 2, not one on 12 and one on a phone.

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