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Authors: Ryan Skeels

77th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday the 21st at 6 p.m.

It's that time of year again, finally. Doesn't it feel like forever ago since last year's "Lord of the Rings" fest at the 76th Annual Academy Awards? Could "The Aviator" possibly be good enough to match the 11-award mayhem of Peter Jackson, or will it bomb all of them like the 10 awards Leo's 2002 "Gang's of New York" was nominated for.

This Sunday, the 77th Academy Awards looks to promise a more diverse crowd of people up on stage gripping that gleaming gold trophy of stardom. It's nominations like "The Incredibles," for the writing of an original screenplay, and the fact that Thomas Hayden Church is actually being nominated for an award that will keep this year's Oscars interesting.

It's about time for ol' Church, after his role as Joel in the everlastingly exciting "Wings" failed to get his hands on some recognition. Sometimes it just takes a little something extra like his role as Jack in "Sideways" to really push gems like him over the edge. Look out for him next year as a voice in the new version of "Charlotte's Web" along side Andr/ 3000 and Steve Buscemi.

Talk about some impossible choices too this year, holy smokes what a tough job it would be to judge this contest. With the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio doing his best Howard Hughes, Jamie Fox as Ray Charles, and Clint Eastwood as a boxing coach it's a good thing the winners aren't decided by jury or a remake of "The 13th Man" happen unnecessarily soon. Wouldn't that have made middle school even more fun, with two versions of that 1930s wonder to watch?

One category that's going to be really interesting to watch will be Best Documentary. There's "Born into Brothels" in which the children of prostitutes in Calcutta's red-light district are given cameras and reveal the harsh lives they lead. Then there's "Tupac: Resurrection" showcasing his life from childhood to the peak of his career and all the problems he faced along the way. A relieving surprise nomination comes in the form of "Super Size Me" this year, a documentary following a man on his quest for death by scarfing down only the nastiness that is McDonald's for 30 days straight.

A few lead actresses to lookout for Sunday night are Hilary Swank, star of "Million Dollar Baby," Kate Winslet from "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," and Catalina Sandino Moreno for her role in "Maria Full of Grace." As for actress in a supporting role it's a close tie between Virginia Madsen in "Sideways" and Cate Blanchett, as Katherine Hepburn, in "The Aviator." Madsen was absolutely delightful to watch as the warm hearted Maya, although Blanchett's portrayal of Hepburn definitely deserves a lifetime supply of pats on the back.

Unless "The Aviator" really wants to do the whole repetitive thing New Zealand did last year, this year's winners party will be a lot more fun after the show. Other nominees to look for are "Finding Neverland" with a multitude of nominations, "House of Flying Daggers" for Cinematography, "The Motorcycle Diaries" for Best Adapted Screenplay and "Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events" for a couple. If there's ever an acceptable time to stare into the television it's for the Oscars and they are upon us. Come home, grab some nutty bars from the cupboard, turn on the tube and let your mind turn to jelly for this year's 77th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday the 21st at 6 p.m.

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