CSU Idol

Feb 232005

Looking to be the next Kelly Clarkson? Auditions for this year's third annual CSU Idol, will take place this Saturday at 10 a.m., said coordinator Kathryn Mangold. Only one spot is still open for auditions.

"A lot of people are going for it," said coordinator Melina Pastore, "hopefully the quality of the singers will be really good this year."

KCSU student staff members and music students will act as judges. Last year students were forced to sing a cappella in front of judges; this year the rules have changed, and students will be allowed to bring in their own guitar or other accompaniment.

Twelve idol hopefuls will compete in the final competition. The final round follows three weeks of elimination rounds. Audience members determine eliminations.

The top three winners receive prizes, Mangold said. First place winner receives free studio time with Kruger Audio and $300 gift certificate to the CSU bookstore.

Tickets for CSU idol are $2 a person and the elimination round will start March 25th.

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