Feb 222005

– Morris had the No. 1 play in ESPN's top 10 last night.

– Shea Robinson is awesome!

– OK, I am getting really sick of all the "Napoleon Dynamite" quoting. Seriously, yes, the movie was funny, but is it absolutely necessary to quote it all the freakin' time?! Ugh.

– I don't understand why we get Martin Luther King Jr. Day off but not Presidents Day. Surely all of the presidents combined did a lot more for the country than Martin Luther King Jr. If we have to choose just one, the presidents should take the cake…

– Have you ever walked in on your roommate peeing all over himself in spasmodic glee?

– To the Metro: HaHaHaHa…. WOW!

– Best pick-up line EVAH: "Hi, my dad's a senator."

– I'd rather be in Walden.


– To the one who complained about trucks parking crooked: You've obviously never driven a truck, because you would know how wide you have to swing to get into a spot straight. Not only are the rows and spaces narrow, but then you go and park your little Honda right next to the white line! Now tell me, how are we supposed to park straight?

– Why do all punks look the same? If they wanted to show how non-conformist they were, don't you think they'd dress differently than one another? Maybe they should wear suits? Possibly pink suits? Or at least clothes that are washed?

– I actually saw a store in the mall yesterday still selling those Von Dutch trucker hats. It's sad, as it might give some poor fool the impression that they're still vaguely in style.

– My hometown is like a nice banana pie, moist and warm. I like pie. Do you like pie?

– To the person that commented about how big pickups can't park straight … this person must drive some stupid little compact that sounds like a giant weed-eater. The parking spaces in this whole town are meant for nothing but Geo Metro-like cars. Drive a real vehicle and see how hard it is to park.

– Zack Morris? Everybody knows Zack starts with an "R."

– How come the editors keep not printing my RamTalk stuff? Can they really not print words like orifice?

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