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Feb 222005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

While Spring Break brings to mind images of parties on the beach, bathing suits and suntans, there are many other ways for students to spend their free week.

For example, Team Achiote, a group of CSU students and professors, will travel to Achiote, Panama, over Spring Break and will provide assistance to the community. Other students will take part in annual Alternative Spring Breaks program organized by Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement to help communities across the United States. CSU Habitat for Humanity club members will also participate in home-building projects during the week off from school.

Although students may have not joined a group to participate in over break, there are plenty of local opportunities to take advantage of and give something back to the community. To find an organization in which students can participate, search First Call's Web site, www.firstcall.org. On this site individuals can search for a specific city and/or type of organization for which they would like to work.

Students can also use the on-campus resource of the SLCE office in the Lory Student Center to find programs, events and organizations to take part in over the weeklong break from school.

Spring Break has become the pinnacle of drunken collegiate debauchery in the eyes of popular culture. Why stick with the status quo (and perhaps get yourself into trouble and thrown in some Mexican jail)?

So do something over Spring Break other than just going wild- make a difference and be productive with the time off.

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