Community Civility Awards

Feb 212005
Authors: Tara Land

CSU and the City of Fort Collins have joined together to present 12 extraordinary individuals with the 2005 Community Civility Award.

The awards are given to nominated individuals who have contributed their time and energy to the campus and to their community. They are sponsored by both the city and the university, who work together for the simultaneous recognition of both campus and city volunteer contributions.

"When you recognize students in front of city members and city residents in front of students, both groups have a better understanding of each other's contribution," said Jen Johnson, community liaison coordinator and neighborhood resource for off-campus student services.

Nominations are currently being accepted until March 18. Any person can be nominated and ceremonies for the winners will culminate at Fort Collins City Hall on April 18. Both CSU and the City of Fort Collins will award six individuals with this honor, for a total of 12 awards.

"The awards will be given out by the City Manager, Darrin Atteberry, and the Vice President of Student Affairs, Linda Kuk," Johnson said.

"These awards emphasize the partnerships between CSU, local neighborhoods, and the city," Atteberry said. "I am very excited to celebrate with CSU and the neighborhoods regarding these awards."

The Community Civility Award nominees include CSU students who have volunteered their time for the betterment of their surrounding communities, neighborhoods and peers.

The Student Leadership and Civic Engagement Office at CSU promotes this type of worthy community service on campus and supports the recognition of valuable civility.

"The mission of the SLCE is that we want to encourage students to be actively engaged in the community in which they are living," said Carla Turner, assistant director of the service integrations projects and the CSU AmeriCore program.

"The Community Civility Award displays this engagement in the community and recognizes people who have participated actively in their surrounding communities," Turner said.

"The civility award basically represents the humane good in people," said Javad Lawrence Fields, a senior in the speech communications department and winner of the Community Civility Award in 2003.

"It's about hard work and dedication for the less fortunate and if we shed light on others then they can shed light on the next person," Fields said.

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