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Feb 162005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

CSU police officers are showing their faces around campus more often recently – not to give tickets, but just to meet students and interact.

The CSU Police Department began a program last semester to create a more positive relationship between CSU students and officers. The program, which continues this semester, is part of a community-oriented approach.

There are usually two to three officers patrolling campus and are allowed one meal a day in the residence halls. During this meal the officers sit with students and visit.

The purpose of this program is to show students that officers are present and approachable with problems.

While officers may have a bad reputation with some for trying to get students into trouble, they are not spending time with students to do this.

The purpose of these visits is purely to make contact with more students and prevent crimes from happening by being more visible. The hope is that students will view CSUPD as less of a pain and more as a useful extension of the university.

It is a good step to take, not only to ensure the safety of the student body but also build a rapport and level of trust. CSUPD is an important part of CSU, and the more approachable and sociable it appears to students, the fewer problems the campus as a whole will have.

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