Feb 162005
Authors: Natasha Grunden

The CSU Police Department and University Parking Services are two separate entities no more.

On Feb. 1 University Parking Services became the parking services division within CSUPD, a change that officials hope will bring about better levels of service.

"I look forward to this transition period," said CSU Chief of Police Dexter Yarbrough in a press release. "We will work together throughout the year to fully integrate parking services into the CSUPD while continuing to provide the high level of service that our customers expect."

Although there were no complications with the individual services, the two entities consolidated to provide better services for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.

Two key goals of the merger are improved customer service and commitment to diversity, wrote officer Yvonne Paez in an e-mail interview. The latter is similar to the university's goals on diversity, such as making sure there is no difference in how representatives treat customers, Paez wrote.

The duties between parking services and CSUPD will remain separate, with the exception that police officers may now also enforce parking and handle moving violations, Paez wrote. However, officers will still mainly investigate campus crimes. Parking services will still primarily ticket parking violations and work on transportation planning.

Mike Rose, former director of University Parking Services, will continue to head the program under the new title of parking division commander for CSUPD.

"I am very positive about it, since the police department and parking (services) have been together before," Rose said. "There is no major change, except for efficiency."

This change does not mean fewer tickets. However, Yarbrough now has the final say in terms of parking appeals, but Rose and his staff will handle the majority of them. Paez said there is not more or less to worry about. If people were parking incorrectly before the merger and are still parking incorrectly now, they still have to worry more than those utilizing correct parking procedures.

Organizationally, there are more changes planned. Rose will report directly to Yarbrough instead of his previous supervisor, Robert Schur, the contracts manager for CSU.

In the summer of 2004, Schur left his position as overseer of University Parking Services operations for another university position. Instead of filling the position, Interim Vice President Keith Ickes contacted Yarbrough to discuss the idea of housing parking services under CSUPD.

Parking services and the police department had been one entity before, and reuniting seemed a logical move, Paez wrote. The police department and parking services were a singular entity eight to 10 years ago under former Chief of Police Donn Hopkins, said CSUPD Capt. Robert Chaffee, who has been working at CSUPD since January 1977.

Ickes proposed the idea of bringing the two services back together to Yarbrough before the fall 2004 semester. Yarbrough liked the idea since the two services are both located in Green Hall.

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