Dear Editor:

Feb 132005

I would like to respond to Mr. Rael's letter in Friday's Collegian.

Mr. Rael, you have a few options – you can keep your enormous anger and live in the past or you can take that same passion and live in the present and the future. By choosing to live in the past you can continue to tear down and wallow in injustice. By choosing to live in the present you can go into your community and onto the reservations and give your time to building new things rather than tearing down.

Mentor young people, work for adequate housing, access to education and health care – your choice. If you choose anger it will consume you from within. If you give of yourself everyone wins. One more thing, it's just a suggestion – you might want to re-think the term "you people," whether you acknowledge it or not there is only ONE people and we are all connected.

Conni Succo

Library Technician I

Morgan Library

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