Feb 092005
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For more information on the Student Recreation Center and the programs it provides, check out www.campusrec.colostate.edu

Recreation Center Hours

Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to11 p.m.

Saturday 10 a.m. to 6p.m.

Sunday noon to11p.m.

With the memories of holiday treats and the countdown for Spring Break fresh in students' minds, the Student Recreation Center has been increasingly crowded.

But there are hopes to buy new equipment and extend hours by as early as next year, said Judy Muenchow, director of Campus Recreation at the recreation center.

"That would be nice, staying open late," said Angela Urenda, a freshman human development and family studies major.

The recreation center is considering offering a membership to CSU employees, Muenchow said. This will provide the recreation center with additional funds.

She said there has not been a employee fee assigned yet, but that it would be more than the $76.38 per-semester fee that students enrolled in more than six credits students currently pay.

She said interest surveys from the students and employees over the past two years have shown both groups are interested in this proposal.

The earliest this proposal could go into action would be fall 2005 because the proposal still needs university approval, Muenchow said.

She also said there are additional plans to finish the final installment of expansion of the center, pending approval, by 2009.

Since the last addition, in 1998, the recreation center has seen growth of more than 221,000 students annually, according to data provided by Lari Bangert, associate director of administration operations at the recreation center.

The recreation center, built in 1989, was planned in three phases, and planned to expand with long-term projected student growth, Muenchow said. This is the most crowded time for the recreation center, and as of Friday the center has seen an average of 3,000 users per day this semester, Bangert said.

"We are reaching that critical max," Muenchow said about the crowding.

She said plans for the expansion could start as early as next fall with a planning committee. But this depends on the administration.

"It's all pending approval," Muenchow said.

If the addition is approved, another committee, which will include student input, will be formed to decide what amenities will be part of the expansion. A frequent request has been the creation of a climbing wall, Muenchow said.

"That's been a pretty steady request from the students," she said.

Students pay the loans for the previous additions through their student fees. The payment for these bonds makes up about one-third of the fee. Muenchow said the center would simply extend the loan to finance this addition.

Tamar Cline, the strength and fitness assistant director at Campus Recreation, said she hopes the addition will be approved.

"We definitely look forward to adding more space," she said.

For now, the recreation center remains crowded with students.

Banger said the recreation center sees the most students on Tuesdays. Its peak hours are from about 2 to 9 p.m.

To avoid the masses, Cline recommends students come to the fitness classes offered.

"Classes offer the space you need to exercise," she said. "When things get crowded that's the best place to go."

Although the number of people using the recreation center during this time of year can be daunting to some students, Muenchow said she is glad to see students there.

"It's the place to be, which is cool."

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