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Feb 072005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

What? Fun without drugs or alcohol?

Believe it or not, it's possible. You can have a substantial amount of fun without substances.

The emphasis on the drinking culture of college can overshadow the outlets for good clean fun, but with a little creativity, fun can be had, minus the booze.

Want to go out and meet people but not drink? Living Sober Colorado is an organization that sponsors alcohol-free social events for those who are under 21 or want to avoid the bar scene, but still have a life.

Live Life Late is a committee of students that organizes movie nights, open-mic nights, trivia games and more, held right on campus.

If one of these groups doesn't have an event planned and you are looking for something to do, organize something yourself.

Get some friends together for a game night. New games on the market like Shout About Movies and Cranium facilitate zany antics from big teams of people, ensuring a night of entertainment.

Take advantage of the unusually nice winter days and get outside. When was the last time you hiked to Horsetooth or got some friends together for a pick-up game of basketball or soccer in the park?

Drinking is fine, as long as you are 21 and responsible about it. Just realize that it's not the only thing to do in Fort Collins.

Fun is what you bring with you, and it doesn't have to come in a keg.

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