To the editor:

Feb 032005

At a recent forum held at a local church, a woman, who had her name changed from Mario to Maria after a great deal of counseling and hormone treatments, announced that she was going to soon have the operation to finalize her sex change.

In response to a question from the audience as to how her decision to change her sex had affected her views on God and religion, Maria said she realized that God loves everyone equally and everybody should be treated with loving kindness.

I added later that many people who support the Iraq War carry signs that state, "GOD BLESS THE USA" and "I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN." And also that it might be more appropriate to carry signs like, "GOD BLESS ALL COUNTRIES – NO EXCEPTIONS" and "I AM PROUD TO BE A WORLD CITIZEN." Maria agreed with me completely.

Wouldn't it be a good idea for President Bush to have a sex operation in order for him to experience the kind of understanding expressed by Maria and to not preemptively invade Iran, Syria or North Korea?


Joe Stern

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