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Authors: Jill Krisl

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is advising consumers to check their freezers for Pagoda or Minh frozen foods found to be contaminated with glass fragments.

The products, which have been recalled, include Pagoda Chicken Egg Rolls and Pagoda Pork and Shrimp and Vegetable Protein Product available at major grocery stores, such as Kings Soopers, Safeway and Albertson's. The recall also includes Minh Gourmet Chicken Rolls, found at Sam's Club and Costco.

The glass fragments are likely from something that went wrong during processing, said Lori Maldonado, public information specialist for the public health department.

"These things happen, not often, but they do," Maldonado said. "It is good for people to pay attention to what they eat."

There have been no reports of glass contamination in Colorado, but there have been six reports from other states. No injuries have been reported, Maldonado said.

Schwan's Food Manufacturing Inc. of Pasadena, Texas is specifically recalling all of the Pagoda and Minh products made between Nov. 8 and Nov. 10, 2004. The 11-ounce Pagoda products that may be contaminated have the date codes "384315" or "384314." The Minh products will have the date code "384313."

All of the products also include the establishment number "EST.5630" inside the United States Department of Agriculture mark of inspection, according to a news release from the state health department.

Maldonado urges consumers to check for the specific date codes and either throw them away or return them to the place of purchase.

"It is our role to watch out for the public's health," Maldonado said.

Many students rely on frozen meals and food when they don't have time or the skills to cook. But Shannon Oliver, a senior environmental health major said news such as this recall reaffirms why he likes to make his own meals.

"I prefer fresh food. I cook a lot of my own," Oliver said. "That way I know where it is coming from."

Cheri Ecker, an English education major said shock was the first word that came to mind when she heard of the contamination of glass fragments in the recalled foods.

"I have a daughter, and as a parent it makes you a little more nervous," Ecker said.

She said younger children, such as her daughter, are often more likely to consume frozen foods like the recalled Pagoda and Minh foods. (why?)

Another concern of Ecker was that there is not enough attention given to issues like the recall, and that the public needs to be made more aware.

"I think we should be more informed about things like this," Ecker said.

Maldonado suggests consumers become aware of certain Web sites designed to keep the public aware of important news or recalls on any food or drugs. She believes that good information is provided through these two Web sites: www.recall.org or www.fda.gov.


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