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Jan 272005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Last year, we waited in anticipation as the newest varsity sport was being announced at CSU. Title IX provisions stated that the sport would be played by women, but it was unknown as which would make the cut. Soccer and lacrosse seemed like probable possibilities and then the announcement was made…the 13th varsity sport at CSU is water polo.

Water polo, a sport not known for its large crowds, a sport that would have to share a pool and a coach with the swimming and diving team.

So now it is the spring sports season and water polo is here. After dropping its first scrimmage 17-10 to Utah in November, the team will head to its first official tournament this weekend. And all the Rams have to do is go in as a brand new Division I team and play UCLA, the top team in the nation, and two other teams in the top-15. No problem for a team that hasn't even gained respect at its own school.

Hardly any students even know what water polo is, let alone that CSU has a team. But for the 12 girls on the team who practice and are setting off around the country representing the Rams, they are working hard everyday as part of Ram athletics. None of us may know very much about water polo, but we should at least respect that it is a new sport at CSU and we have to support our classmates who are going out there and trying to win games for us.

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