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Jan 262005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

As the community and CSU students fight over rental licensing it is important to realize there is a common ground-CSU.

CSU is the largest single employer in Fort Collins. It brings in millions of dollars in spending from parents and students every year. It is the reason Fort Collins has grown so much and has such a high level of education. Fort Collins  has been built on CSU.

And we, as students, faculty, staff and community members, need to be proud of this and respect it. With new community attempts at Ram pride through a sign on Interstate 25 and other planned programs, it is important to continue expressing our pride to be Rams daily. By wearing green and gold and setting a good example throughout our lives we, as students, can give the community something to be proud of. We are not only part of the future of Fort Collins but we are a large part of its present.  Because remember, we are living in Ram country.

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