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Dec 082004
Authors: Collegian Edittorial Stafff

Sometimes advertisements in the Collegian are offensive to people.

Sometimes they promote ideas that could be considered radical.

Sometimes they stir up strong emotional responses.

However, sometimes inflammatory advertisements can have positives aspects.

Today's Collegian includes an advertisement from David Horowitz, a Jewish-American social activist writer who advocates the Jewish state. The ad is very detailed in its criticism of Palestinians and the nation of Islam.

Not everyone will like what the advertisement has to say. But the ad does represent a viewpoint that is out there in the world and here on campus. And to dismiss it solely because it is controversial would be to create a docile state of affairs at CSU.

A college campus is supposed to be a place of public discourse, be it through debate on the Lory Student Center Plaza or on the student newspaper's opinion page. People should never take an issue beyond the level of peaceful discussion, but they also should never shy away from talking about a divisive issue.

There are many different viewpoints out there, and we'd love to hear about them. If you disagree with what this ad has to say, let others know through a letter to the editor or a civilized discussion. If you agree with what this ad has to say, let others know through the same channels.

The Collegian's advertising policy states that the paper does not support or endorse any of its advertising content, and the Collegian staff has the right to reject any ads that violate its advertising policy. Whether this advertisement should run is not a freedom of speech issue. Many college newspapers around the nation have chosen to reject the ad, and the Collegian could have done the same.

We made the decision we did with the understanding that many people could be upset over our choice.

But we feel the opportunity for campus dialog was one that we did not want to pass up.

Sometimes the things that cause the most intense reactions are the ones from which people learn the most.

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