Nov 292004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Natural gas prices are expected to rise to $128 a month in December and it will be tough for "poor college students."

But at the same time, college students spend approximately $5.5 billion annually on alcohol, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. That's more than they spend on soft drinks, milk, juice, tea, coffee and textbooks combined.

So while $128 is a lot to pay on heat, there are ways around it (wearing sweaters) and there are people that may be much more affected by the price rise than college students.

Low-income households will also be struggling to pay the price of warmth during the winter months and their need puts in perspective the lives we, as college students, lead. We are also given resources to help these low-income families out through programs like Xcel Energy Outreach that use donations to pay natural gas bills for low-income households.

As the holidays approach think outside your house and your own needs and use your monetary abilities, even if small, to give a little warmth to others.

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