Nov 172004
Authors: Andrew Nuth

Well, it's Thanksgiving break, time for eating turkey, forgetting about classes and spending a whole week relaxing. While this is always nice, the relaxation can turn into boredom very quickly. Here are a few suggestions to help fend off the holiday boredom; all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. All of these sites are free, funny and will make the time fly by. It would take more than a Friday evening to watch all the videos on this site. What makes AtomFilms worthwhile is its "best of" format. Under each of eight categories there is a top five list and a featured movie. AtomFilms features cartoons, live action short films, funny commercials and many other types of movies.

The downside: The videos are streamed. To watch the higher quality versions of the movies a high-speed Internet connection is a must. Maybe a little immature, maybe a little crude, but perfect for college students. Ebaum's features such classics as "The Star Wars Kid," a video of a boy playing with a broom handle as if it's a light saber. But some video editors got their hands on the Star Wars film and have transformed a class project into a Star Wars epic, complete with sound effects and animated enemies. This will keep you entertained with over 14 different versions of the light saber extraordinaire. For those who watched "G.I. Joe" as a kid, look for the "G.I. Joe" overdubs, gather round the computer with some immature friends and prepare to laugh and say, "What the…?"

The downside: There are a huge number of features, some funny, and some that are a waste of time. This site is self-described as "an animated series in the mold of Itchy and Scratchy." This description is right on, but fails to capture the amount of gore in the clips, or the cuteness of the animated, woodland characters. Check out "Snip Snip Hooray" but be forewarned, even though they are cartoons, they are still gruesome.

The downside: There is a catchy and very annoying theme song that plays before each episode. The name really captures the theme of the site. To find the gems takes a fair amount of time, start with the "top rated" category and go from there. The library of videos is very extensive. Some of the videos are funny and are worth the time of searching. The majority of the videos fit into the "Jackass" category, simply of people doing mostly stupid, sometimes funny things.

The downside: There are quite a few stupid videos mixed in with the funny ones. This politically oriented site may be a few weeks outdated, but it is still funny. People from both ends of the political spectrum can appreciate the humor, and most will also appreciate the high quality animation. Be sure to look at the now famous "This Land," a cartoon of Bush and Kerry singing a parody of the Woody Guthrie classic and the particularly goofy "Ahnuld for Governor."

The downside: The material is dated, but it's still going to be funny for quite a while.

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