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Authors: Karissa Ciarlelli

Even with moves to decrease student alcohol use at Sonny Lubick

Field at Hughes Stadium, recent statistics indicate that alcohol

use, as well as disorderly conduct at games, has increased,

according to CSU Police Department Capt. Bob Chaffee.

At the Sept. 25 football game against Montana State, eight

people were evicted from the game and three were arrested.

“One of those arrests was for trespassing and one was for

theft,” Chaffee said.

At the Oct. 2 homecoming game against Brigham Young University,

20 people were evicted and 13 were arrested, for juvenile alcohol

violations and assault, Chaffee said.

At the Oct. 22 border-war game against Wyoming, 19 people were

ejected from the game and 17 were arrested for crimes such as

assault, disorderly conduct and liquor violations.

Nathan Steinberg, Associated Students of CSU assistant director

of student services, argued that since beer was banned from the

stadium in mid-September, alcohol-related problems at games have


“I’d say (the problem) has gotten worse, as I see more and more

people being taken in for detox before and during games,” Steinberg


Steinberg is involved in Positive Impact, an ASCSU group that

helps educate students about the rules at games and encourages

people to be safe.

When they see groups of 25 or more tailgating, Positive Impact

gives the tailgaters plastic cups to use to deter them from

bringing in glass bottles, which have been used violently. They

also encourage tailgaters to disperse before police


“We have no legal authority,” Steinberg said. “We’re just

students looking out for other students.”

CSUPD has recently increased the number of officers patrolling

during games, Chaffee said. In previous seasons, CSUPD had about 50

officers at football games.

Now CSUPD presence at football games has increased to 55 or 60


Chaffee said the increase in officers ensures the security of

everyone at games.

“While we do aim to be fan-friendly, safety is our primary

concern,” Chaffee said.

Chaffee said it seems many tailgaters get more intoxicated

before the games than in past seasons.

Cody Dubus, a freshman biology major, agreed.

“Now instead of having drunk people inside the game you have a

lot of drunken people outside the game at their cars,” Dubus


Dubus said while he no longer drinks during the game, he and his

friends usually drink prior to kickoff.

“We all get toasted before the game,” Dubus said.

Without alcohol sales during games, some students resort to

sneaking alcohol in, Chaffee said.

Freshman Scott Talley, an open-option major, said he has snuck

alcohol into Hughes Stadium twice.

“I duct-taped a small bottle of vodka to the inside of my leg,”

Talley said.

Since Saturday’s game against University of Nevada-Las Vegas is

at 10 a.m., Chaffee does not anticipate too many problems.

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