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Nov 102004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Every American has a veteran to thank for the lifestyle he or

she lives.

Today is Veterans Day, a day to remember the past, present and

future sacrifices made by brave men and women to protect our


It is easy to ignore what soldiers give up, especially when

you’re lucky enough to sit in class all day and your biggest worry

is what you’re going to do for the upcoming weekend. Today is the

day we should all be reminded of the time and lives lost during

soldiers’ service.

Many of us have jobs and work very hard while going through

school, but few of us voluntarily risk our lives for our country

while at work. Those who do this every day or have spent months or

even years in the past doing this deserve a great deal of


Veterans Day should remind each of us to respect those who give

the ultimate sacrifice every day in Iraq, Afghanistan and those who

gave that sacrifice years ago.

Whether you support the wars of yesterday, today or tomorrow –

every veteran has fought to preserve the way of life that we are

all lucky enough to take for granted.

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