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Authors: Lila Hickey

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton, formerly the

attorney general of Colorado, visited the CSU campus Tuesday

morning to support President Bush and Republican U.S. Senate

candidate Pete Coors.

Norton spoke to a small group of students and political

supporters in the Cherokee Park Ballroom, where she urged the

audience to vote. She stressed the critical importance of doing so,

given Colorado’s status as a potential decisive state in the

federal election.

Norton described the U.S. Senate race between Coors and Democrat

Ken Salazar, as “one of the most contested, hottest races” in the


“That might determine who controls the U.S. Senate,” Norton


Former state attorney general candidate Marti Albright and

former Congressman Bob Schaffer accompanied Norton, who spoke about

environmental accomplishments during the Bush administration.

Norton said that 4,000 projects are completed or underway in

national parks around the country, citing examples such as

improvements to failing sewer systems in Yellowstone National


“You don’t exactly make headlines by building new sewer

systems,” she said.

Norton also claimed recent Environmental Protection Agency

statistics show a 7 percent improvement in air quality from 2000 to

2003, and said the President’s Clean Air Initiative, if passed,

would further reduce pollution.

Norton also said she believes the current administration has

done a better job than the Clinton administration at involving

local-level workers in environmental actions.

Schaffer agreed, saying Norton has used “pure science” to

enforce the Endangered Species Act, instead of using emotion-based

reactions, as he said has been the case in the past.

After speaking about environmental issues, Norton took questions

and posed for a group photograph.

Crystal Korrey, a sophomore religion and political science

major, said she was pleased to learn that Norton travels the

country regularly for her job.

“It’s nice to hear that she travels, (and) doesn’t just spend

all her time in D.C.,” Korrey said. “It was amazing just to see

her. It’s awesome to get the chance to actually see someone from

the president’s Cabinet.”

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