Oct 282004
Authors: Lindsay Reiter

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Want to Vote Early?
Locations for early voting::

Lory Student Center, main level room


Larimer County courthouse

offices-200 W. Oak Street, room 152

Harmony Market-1001 E. Harmony


With only four days left until Election Day, candidates are

busily campaigning for as many votes as they can get.

Some voters, however, have already made their decision and cast

their vote at an early voting site.

An early voting site is available at CSU in room 176 on the main

level of the Lory Student Center near the University Bookstore.

This is the first year there has been an early voting site at

CSU and the site has been extremely successful, with the busiest

times being between classes, Lubinski said.

“We’ve had over 3,000 voters so far and if it continues this

way, by the time the polls close 5,000 voters will probably have

voted here,” Lubinski said.

Early voting began on Oct. 18 and will continue through


“By statute, early voting ends on Friday, but we are a branch of

the Larimer County clerk’s office. The county clerk chose to extend

early voting hours, so this site will be open on Monday to vote

also,” said Nancy Lubinski, CSU early voting supervisor.

Many people chose to vote early because of convenience.

“I wanted to avoid the lines and … I already made up my mind

so I didn’t need the extra five days to think about it,” said

Ashley Hill, a postdoctoral fellow who voted on Thursday.

Brad Harper, a freshman political science major, cast his ballot

early for another reason.

“Voting early allows me to get involved with a political

organization on Election Day. I am working for the 96-hour team for

the Bush campaign. It is a last-minute way to get the word out

there,” Harper said.

Larimer County has made it more convenient for voters registered

in the county to vote early.

“We have all ballot styles here. So, for example, if a voter

from Estes Park comes in we will have a ballot with issues specific

to Estes Park. As long as you live in Larimer County, we have your

ballot style,” Lubinski said.

In addition to the CSU location there are early voting sites at

the Larimer County Courthouse offices, 200 W. Oak St. room 152 and

at Harmony Market, 1001 E. Harmony Road.

“Having people vote early spreads out the congestion. It doesn’t

take as much time out of the day as when you vote on Election Day,”

Hill said.


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