Oct 262004
Authors: Vincent Adams

The year is 2004. It will soon be a bright, cold day in

November, and the clocks will soon strike 13. You have a choice to

make on Tuesday: Do you love Big Brother?

President George W. Bush has been working his Ministry of Truth

over time during his first four years. Bush still contends the war

in Iraq is part of the war on terror. Forget the CIA’s recent

report concluding there was no connection between al-Qaida and Iraq

and there was no evidence Iraq participated in the Sept. 11, 2001,


But Bush has played his Big Brother role well. He’s convinced 75

percent of his supporters that the war in Iraq is a major front in

the war on terror, according to a poll on


Iraq is now a major front because Big Brother Bush made it that

way. Terrorists now thrive in that country because they are

resisting U.S. occupation. But Iraq wasn’t an eminent terrorist

threat prior to our invasion and did not have the weapons program

our intelligence believed it did in 2003.

Bush’s Ministry of Truth has a way spinning information to such

an extent that two plus two equals five. And people still love Big

Brother Bush. Our infallible leader doesn’t make mistakes and he

always tells the truth because he changes the truth to suit his


Big Brother Bush has convinced many that Sen. John Kerry will be

soft on terror, asserting he will scale back this important war.

Big Brother Bush has also said the tax cuts have helped the middle

class, his war on terror has made us safer, Kerry’s health care

plan is a hostile government takeover and the Patriot Act doesn’t

take away people’s rights. Again, these are all the truth because

two plus two can equal five.

We are 20 years removed from George Orwell’s “1984,” and, in

some ways, we are becoming Oceania. Many of us do not question our

government and its leaders. Many of us still love Big Brother Bush

despite his obvious mistakes and poor leadership.

Tuesday we have a choice: status quo or new direction. The

status quo means you believe everything the Bush machine has told

you. You believe the economy is doing well because Big Brother Bush

has said so. Forget what your eyes tell you. Forget that you can’t

find a decent-paying job. Or, if you have a job, forget you have to

deal with lower pay and increased medical costs.

Forget we went to war in haste and did not exhaust diplomatic

efforts. Forget we have created a mess in Iraq and our premise for

going to war was overstated and based on disinformation.

Forget all the times when Bush was wrong about something, yet

told you to ignore the truth and believe his truth.

You may not like the alternative – John Kerry – but we need to

give Big Brother Bush his pink slip.

Our country is not as bleak as Orwell’s version of Oceania in

“1984,” but we are heading in that direction. We have forgotten the

importance of questioning our government and holding them

accountable when its leaders make egregious mistakes.

So do you love Big Brother Bush?

VinceAdams is a graduate student studying English. His column

runs every Wednesday in the Collegian.

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