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Oct 252004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

You’d think they would have learned the first time.

After the last presidential election fiasco, the state’s county

clerk’s offices should have been ready for every snag or difficulty

imaginable. You would think four years would have been sufficient

to fix any loopholes.

But there are loopholes this year.

Some people are actually registered to vote twice. An estimated

1,000 voters registered twice just in Larimer County, said Scott

Doyle, Larimer County clerk. And 55,000 voters double-registered

statewide, according to the secretary of state’s office. In our

time of technological advancement, perhaps a machine could be made

to type a few names and numbers into and blink if the same Social

Security number pops up twice.

And some people are not registered at all.

Many people have supplied their personal information in order to

take part in our democratic process – now their forms are missing.

Who knows who has access to their personal information now?

Too many different organizations took registration forms with no

standardized procedure, and now the voters are paying. This

election is complicated enough without people screwing up what

they’ve had four years to prepare for.

On Nov. 3, maybe all the election planners should get together

and start on their next project, because we all know they’ll need

every day of the next four years.

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