To the editor:

Oct 202004

I was surprised on Tuesday morning when I read the scholarly

J.P. Eichmiller’s diatribe on the Ten Commandments on the opinion

page in the Collegian. Bluntly Mr. Eichmiller, your postmodern rant

on your fervent distaste for Christianity and Judaism is quite


God needs your help being introduced into the 21st century about

as much as I need an aneurysm. The philosophical doctrine that

dictates popular thought in our time is postmodernism. This

philosophy is the one that preaches tolerance and acceptance as

well as moral relativism.

Those who prescribe to this school of thought happen to be at

the very forefront of the tolerance movement. But as John MacArthur

says and you clearly illustrate, “What really underlies the

postmodernist belief system is an utter intolerance for every

worldview that makes any universal truth-claims — particularly

biblical Christianity.”

You, Mr. Eichmiller, are clearly another product of the times

whose hatred for the unwavering truth of God has led you to make a

fool of yourself. In an article where you intend to add your two

cents to the separation of church and state debate, you turn it

into an absurd tirade on the Ten Commandments. The Collegian and

Mr. Eichmiller ought to reconsider the content of their opinion

articles if they are to indeed promote a tolerant and accepting

campus, as their article offended both Jewish and Christian

students alike.

-Tyler Wittman,

junior speech communication major

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