Oct 202004
Authors: Ryan Riggen

Students may be required to take another test when entering

college and it may be one they were never expecting.

Freshman students at the University of Colorado-Boulder were

required for the first time this year to take an online alcohol

education course before fall classes began. The AlcoholEdu course

takes three hours and is administered by a private company.

Incoming CU students must earn at least an 80 percent test grade

at the end of the course to successfully complete the program.

Students can take the test as many times as they need to in order

to pass, but will not be allowed to register for spring courses

until they do so.

The course is supposed to educate people about alcohol and

students can take the test online wherever they want according to

Nicoll Doramus, staff member at A Matter of Degree, an alcohol

education program at CU.

“The program just started this year,” Doramus said. “The test

can be retaken as many times as necessary, but most people pass the

first time.”

Outside the Classroom, the Boston-based parent company of

AlcoholEdu, claims that AlcoholEdu is the leading online prevention

tool in the nation and is used at over 350 colleges and high

schools across the country. The company also claims that the course

engages students with a highly personalized experience that

produces strategic learning gains, changes perceptions, motivates

behavior change and supports healthier decisions.

Brad Bohlander, CSU spokesman and member of the Alcohol Task

Force at CSU, said CSU is gathering information about the program

and other similar programs.

“In general, this idea, along with many others, will be reviewed

and recommendations will be made,” Bohlander said. “We are still

gathering information. We are looking at what other people are

doing and looking at what is working.”

Students’ responses are confidential and officials at CU receive

only statistical results about the incoming freshmen as a


Nationwide, the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority started using the

AlcoholEdu program in the fall of 2002. That fall, all members had

to complete the program. Now only new members of the sorority have

to complete the program.

“We are always looking for programming to benefit our members,”

said Kellie McClellan, educational district director for district

IX of Kappa Alpha Theta. “It’s not typical alcohol information you

get. It makes you think about how drinking effects the body and is

good for long-term alcohol awareness.”

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