Oct 182004
Authors: Anne Farrell

Todd Hagadone is doing his part to conserve energy


Hagadone purchased wind power through the program available to

CSU’s residence halls and he promotes energy conservation –

especially in October, which is Energy Awareness Month at CSU and

in Colorado.

“Everything people start doing now to save energy helps. A lot

of people don’t realize how keeping your lights off can save a lot

of pollution, by keeping the switch off,” said Hagadone, a

sophomore natural resources management major.

CSU has committed to energy conservation on campus by

encouraging the community to save energy wherever possible. One

method offered on campus to help reduce traditional coal power

sources is the option for students living residence halls to

purchase wind power. The deadline to join the program was Oct.


“I don’t think people pay attention (to how much energy they

use) especially in the residence halls,” said Sean McGee, a

freshman political science major.

However, there will be increased publicity for the offer next

year, said Ryan Barone, hall director at Braiden Hall.

This is the first year wind power was offered to on-campus

students, and 160 residents applied for $17 each to assure one lot

of energy would be purchased in their name. Each lot of energy

purchased is equivalent to the amount of power used in the average

room. The energy purchased is not what will directly power their

room, however, it makes the power system as a whole one room less

dependent on coal power.

The city of Fort Collins does not traditionally support October

as Energy Awareness Month because programs are in action around

town throughout the year, such as demonstrations to high school

students on how to conserve energy.

There are also energy and other environmental conservation

programs open to the public through the city of Fort Collins.

Sessions are given about once a month covering everything from

water-use reduction to effective energy-saving tips. Anyone

interested in attending an information session may sign up online

at http://fcgov.com/.


The green and gold campaign on

campus will be posting flyers regarding making campus more energy

efficient throughout the month. Some tips that they suggest


1) If you feel cool, wear an extra

layer of clothing instead of using a space heater.

2) If you feel warm and are in an

air-conditioned building try to wear lighter clothing rather then

opening windows.

3) Turn off the lights or other

appliances when not in use

4) Power down computers. Energy is

not saved in screen saver mode.

5) Instead of taking an elevator,

take the stairs.

6) Turn off the lights if you are

the last one to leave a room.

7) Try not to study alone. Studying

in areas allows maximal lighting efficiency.

8) If you are not currently using

water, turn it off.

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