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Oct 062004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Controversy has been raised on campus this week by the graphic

anti-abortion display on the Lory Student Center Plaza.

There is no doubt that the group Justice For All, which brought

the displays to campus, has a right to be there. Freedom of speech

is one of the foundations on which this country was built, and the

Plaza is the university’s free-speech zone.

In fact, the demonstration’s presence is even beneficial in some


This exhibit has everyone talking, which is great to see,

especially with the coming election. The exhibit has been a

conversation starter, not just on abortion, but also on many other

issues we are faced with today.

Unfortunately, although these images have everyone talking,

there is no doubt that they are offensive. Whether you are

anti-abortion or an abortion rights activist, the pictures are

extremely disturbing.

Certainly the people running this demonstration are aware of the

inflammatory nature of their display. This brings their motives

into question. Just because they have the right to be there does

not mean they need to offend everyone who walks through the Plaza

with gory scare tactics.

There is a middle ground between getting a point across to the

public and offending people. We urge the organization behind the

display to consider not only their own First Amendment rights, but

also the personal rights of every student on this campus.

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