Oct 062004
Authors: Sarah Fallik

The Beatles have returned in the form of in indie pop-rock band

the Bloody Lovelies. Well, not actually, but the up-and-coming rock

foursome the Bloody Lovelies has brought a contemporary spin on the

Beatles’ sound.

Along with influences from the Beatles, The Bloody Lovelies are

influenced by the music of the ’60s in general, as well as by such

artists as David Bowie and Queen.

“I would describe it as pop rock with old influences mixed with

new influences,” said keyboardist/vocalist Randy Wooten. “We’ve

been compared to David Bowie, Ben Folds Five, Elton John, any band

that has a piano.”

The band’s diverse influences merge form an unmistakably

distinctive sound.

“It sticks out from everything else that’s going on right now,”

said bassist Eric Holden.

The Bloody Lovelies first full album, “Some Truth and a Little

Money,” was released in March 2004. Since then it has been getting

airplay throughout the country. Their first release debuted at

number four, tied with Shakira on Top Radio’s 40 Most Added Chart.

They have also made the rankings on numerous college radio charts

throughout the country.

The Bloody Lovelies may sound like a band that should have come

straight out of London, but they are Los Angeles-based. Vocalist

Randy Wooten conceived the idea for the Bloody Lovelies during his

time as a college student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville,

Tenn. The band formed when Wooten moved to Los Angeles in 2000 and

met the other members. In addition to Holden and Wooten, The Bloody

Lovelies features drummer Craig Macintyre and guitarist Lance


The Bloody Lovelies produced and recorded their album prior to

it being picked up by new L.A.-based indie label, Cheap Lullaby


“We had free reign to do whatever we wanted creatively,” Holden


The Bloody Lovelies have spent much of their summer touring and

are looking forward to additional touring starting early


“This will be our fourth or fifth tour this year,” Wooten


They will kicked off their month-long tour in West Hollywood on

Tuesday. Throughout the tour, the Bloody Lovelies will play 19

shows in nine states, including two shows in Colorado.

“It’s always exciting to go to new cities and to reach new

fans,” Holden said. “We’ve never been to Fort Collins.”


The Bloody Lovelies

will make their way to Fort Collins at 6 p.m. Sunday at the

Starlight Theatre, 167 N. College Ave. Free for 21 and older and $5

for younger than 21.

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