To the editor:

Sep 272004

I would just like to thank the band for doing such a wonderful

job supporting CSU athletics. In my opinion the members deserve a

little more recognition for the work they put in every week. Have

you seen them spell out “CSU” on Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes

Stadium? If you haven’t, I recommend you check it out; it’s truly

amazing. The band also does an awesome job of getting the crowd

pumped up. It really makes me proud to be a CSU Ram. One last

thing; the fight song is impeccable! Keep up the good work band.

You’re number one in my book!

Chris LeFevre

Junior, Speech Communication major

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To the editor:

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Sep 272004

I am appalled. My civil rights have been trodden upon by a group

of irresponsible marketers and drunks. I looked forward to my 18th

birthday because it was a passage into adulthood. Certain freedoms

were given to me and certain responsibilities were expected of me.

I could now vote. Little did I know that there are people in this

world who do not vote, but worse yet people who have made a mockery

of our fine electoral process by parading phony candidates, or

worse yet the person who writes in “SpongeBob Squarepants” in the

write-in nominee slot.

I am old enough to remember the “Bob the Bridge” incident and

“Dan the dog” for mayor, but I think that the presidential election

is far too important for these antics. I recently overheard some

lofty post-grad giggling about the Capt. Morgan pirate icon running

for president of the United States.

This time it has gone too far. A symbol for alcohol being

considered for the leadership role of one of the most dominant

political countries in the world … are you serious! What has this

world come to – a group of intoxicated co-eds running around

singing the praises of a fictional character and hyping him as the

next president? I am willing to concede the failure of the

two-party system and I encourage more independents to run, but I

think having a liquored-up buccaneer flaunt himself as a viable

politician is a shame and an unnecessary distraction in this most

important election year … Shame on you. The students of Fort

Collins and Boulder should not allow this feeble attempt to

distract them from their civil duties. Capt. Morgan for president.

What, is he going to hold a convention in a bar or something?


Karl Wolf

Community member

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