Sep 272004
Authors: Krystle Clayton

With a scarce but enthusiastic crowd, the fourth Annual

Diversity Summit kicked off with an introduction from CSU President

Larry Penley.

The Diversity Summit began Monday and will run through


In previous years, the summit lasted one day, but this year it

will run for four days with events running throughout each day.

“Last year we critically looked at the evaluations and people

wanted to be able to pick and choose what (events) fit into their

schedules. The different events are geared toward different

people,” said Arlene Nededog, dean of the College of Natural


Nededog also said that the summit is a venue that allows the

community, on and off campus, to see what work is being done at the

university to promote diversity.

During Penley’s welcome he made reference to a five-year

strategic university plan. This plan highlights how he wants the

university to look in the next five years. To accomplish these

goals, the university has created eight task forces, concerning

topics like learning, finances and diversity.

Over the summer, university officials incorporated diversity

into the strategic plan and the goals of the other task forces,

said Heather Hardy, the dean for the College of Liberal Arts.

“Diversity is not something that should be set off to the side,”

said Dana Hiatt, director of the Office of Equal Opportunity. “The

(diversity task force) is here to help create an environment for

diversity, and this includes increasing numbers of students and


This year’s summit is a part of building that environment,

Nededog said.

Diversity is something that should be inclusive and not

exclusive, so the different events are open to everyone, Penley



There are events all week for the summit and a list of events

can be found at

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