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Authors: Clarke Reader

With the Rams football home season just beginning, the parking

lot at Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium has been filling


Last Saturday’s home opener against Minnesota had a record

number of tickets sold and as a result the parking lot was packed.

While students are watching the game, that parking lot may be the

farthest thing from their mind. But car break-ins and damages are

common at football games.

“During the last game we had one car window broken into,” said

Capt. Bob Chaffee of the CSU Police Department. “We also had hood

damage, from students who sometimes walk on cars.”

According to statistics from last season, there were

approximately 40 police officers at each game, and only a few of

these were in the parking lot.

“There are usually four State Patrol Officers in the parking lot

and two of our own,” Chaffee said.

Break-ins and damages can happen at any time, and the number of

damages per game varies.

“They happen at various times throughout the season. We try to

be in the right place at the right time, and sometimes we are and

can deal with the situation,” Chaffee said.

Statistics from last season show that there were around 12

students removed each game and about 15 total summons and arrests

per game as well.

“If there were officers to spare, it wouldn’t hurt to have them

in the parking lot during games,” said Jeff Horinek, a freshman

health and exercise science major.

Other students agree.

“Sure, it’d be nice to have police in the lot, but there are

some already there, watching the tailgating,” said Billy Campbell,

a senior biology major.

With several break-ins each year, police urge students to be

careful with their belongings.

“Don’t leave things obviously visible that are valuable in your

car,” Chaffee said. “If you catch an act in progress you should

obviously call 911, and if you come after the fact call 491-6425 to

get a hold of us. We’re in the lot doing the best we can to watch

the cars. Hopefully we’re in the right place to stop something

before it happens.”

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